Since 1992, Insurance Administrator of America, Inc. (IAA) has been providing customized self-insured solutions for public and private sector employers. Our expertise in compliance, data analytics, plan design, employee education, managing and administering a wide range of self-funded employee health and benefit plans has made IAA a leader among Third Party Administrators.

Communication is vital to your plans success.  We listen to your needs, IAA gives the employer the opportunity to participate in the plan design process. 

Compliance Regulations, IAA provides knowledgeable guidance to ensure that your health plan is ERISA and ACA compliant.

Relationships are the foundation of our business model, we value the long term relationships we have established with our brokers, clients, and members.

Data Analytics consists of four core components, our unique approach to Cost Containment is used to measure your plans performance and achieve your savings goals. IAA's  Innovative Technology model utilizes all four components Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics, by tracking performance, identify cost containment changes, and predict future cost.

Flexibility allows our clients to meet contractual and financial obligations, our experienced Account management Team works with you achieve these goals.  Whether your employees are located in one or multiple states, self-insuring with IAA will allow you to offer all of your employees the same Plan Designs and National PPO Network.

Integrity and Accountability are our core values and best describes our Knowledgeable staff.



Service - Our response time for inquiries is immediate.  If the inquiry needs to be escalated and requires research and/or additional information, it is handled as a priority until completed.

Education -  Health care cost are driven by employees and their families. That is why IAA believes in providing employees with ongoing education.  IAA has been very successful in educating and empowering public and private sector employees; making them better health care consumers.